Breakfast briefings summer series

Breakfast briefings summer series


We are very excited to announce that SustainIt are hosting a series of Breakfast briefings webinars this summer to cover some of the hotter topics in the CSR and sustainability reporting area.

The series will be led by our principal sustainability consultant Joe Jones with contributions from other IT team members. It will be good fun!

In the series we will walk you through:

How software drives better sustainability reporting (GMW) - register here

Wednesday 20th July at 9.30 am BST

Sustainability reporting is a fast moving target, and finding practical ways to manage data from hundreds of sites and from thousands of suppliers is becoming increasingly difficult. For many companies, Excel just isn’t a viable option any more. In this 15 minute session, Joe Jones from SustainIt will talk about just what dedicated CSR, EHS and Sustainability software can help achieve, from improving data quality to creating genuine stakeholder engagement.. The right sustainability software can transform how you view and talk about sustainability.


CSR and storytelling - register here

Wednesday 10th August at 9.30 am BST

Collecting hundreds of metrics, sometimes on a monthly basis across hundreds or even thousands of sites can produce amazing data sets.  However knowing how to  tell your story and to effectively communicate the depth and the strength of the sustainability practises and outcomes that form your company’s sustainability programme is key. In this 20 minute webinar, the team at SustainIt will talk through how data enables effective communication and how to talk about datasets to ensure that the core message isn’t lost in the numbers. 


Data accuracy and timeliness (datawise) - register here

Wednesday 14th September at 9.30 am BST

Big data has reached the sustainability world. Large multi-national corporations, global supply chains and the demands of broad spectrum sustainability have all meant that more and more data is collected on an annual, on a monthly and on a weekly basis. Being able to effectively manage that data is one challenge, but often the biggest challenge is making sure that the data being asked for is on time and accurate. Dedicated sustainability software can help data entry with validation workflows, with evidence requirements and with complex consistency checks, but how do you make sure that the processes and checks you put in place are creating more accurate data instead of more work? In this 20 minute webinar, the team from SustainIt will talk about how you can make sure that the data being collected is accurate, is on time and is usable.

We will be recording each webinar and a link will be sent to all the registrants afterwards, so do sign up if even if you can’t listen live. Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone who might be interested.

If you have any further question please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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