Cycling to Work. Why is it so good for you?

Cycling to Work. Why is it so good for you?


5 good reasons to cycle to work

Today is National Cycle To Work Day, an event that aims to encourage everyone to take to two wheels and cycle to work.
For most of us riding to work is not a one-day-a-year event, it`s the daily way we travel to come to work, visit friends, go shopping and move around across the city.
I can`t say how much my life changed since I removed my concerns about the traffic, the fatigue, and the sadly famous English weather: cycling is the best way ever to travel.
There are so many reasons why cycling is one of the best things you could decide to do in your life that we could talk about them for hours or even days.
For now, I`d like to share with you the first 5 reasons.

1. Cycling to work makes me happy

I can`t find a better way to start my day than cycling to work. A bit of sport in the morning makes me feel active, enthusiastic and full of energy, boosting my mood in an unbelievable way! Cycling gives me a feeling of freedom and independence.

2. I save lots of time

Let`s be honest: who can be bothered to lose one hour to go to work? You have just woken up and the last thing you would like to do is to leave your bed to get stuck in congestion with your car or a bus. Not talking about the way back, when you really can`t wait to finally get home and relax yourself!
So here we go, cycling helps you save lots of time. I personally save up to 20 minutes every morning and early evening, and the time spent on the bike doesn`t feel like wasted time anyway.

3. It`s cheaper

The fact that cycling is the cheapest way to travel around doesn`t need many explanations.
Being in a car or in a bus, you would end up spending lots of money for fuel, insurance or tickets.
All free for bike riders!

4. It makes me feel fit and healthy

Cycling helps you lose weight (if you need to) and keeps you fit. In order to follow a healthy lifestyle, it`s recommended to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity at least 5 days a week. And here we go again. You won`t even need to subscribe to a gym!

5. Last but not least: it helps the environment!

Bicycles need no fuel and produce no pollution.
If, only in England, commuters would leave their cars at home, we could save up to 44,000 tonnes of CO2 every week. It`s the equivalent of heating 17,000 houses! It`s quite impressive, isn`t it?

On top of this, don`t forget that if you need any tips, advice or even practical cycling lessons, there`s plenty of associations ready to help you right here in Bristol. See, for instance:

So, all this said, don`t you think it might be worth it to give it a go?

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