Top 5 tips for a sustainable workplace

Top 5 tips for a sustainable workplace

20 December 2013 by

It’s a New Year and we need some new targets for the workplace. The usual greeting is happy New Year but at SustainIt we think it should be: ‘Have a Happy Emissions free Christmas and a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle New Year’.  Let’s all get creative and follow these tips:

Save light and put signs around the workplace threatening your colleagues that if they don’t turn off lights then ‘things’ might happen. Fear has always been a good strategy to apply new initiatives.

Remove all the bins from the office and just keep the recyclable bins and those for the compost. In other words, take your unrecyclable waste with you, back where it came from.

We Brits have a thing for a tea and so make sure that all your tea supplies are ethically sourced. This can also be applied to all your other office supplies; if you haven’t already done so.

Encourage consumption of good healthy snacks! Have a fruit basket on the table, locally sourced delicious fruits that everyone can enjoy.

Turn off the heating if you don’t need it! Now of course a cosy warm workplace feels heavenly; but heating consumes lots of energy. If you’re cold then stand up and stretch yourself, make 10 press ups and voila! You’re warm again! Believe us, it works like magic!

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