Top 5 tips for a Sustainable Christmas Party

23 December 2013 by

On the 14th of December, we organised a Christmas Party at Westfield farm. And it was great, cosy and magical. An authentic barn-like scene with joyous lights and delightful food and sweets. Below are our top 5 tips for a sustainable Christmas party:

  • Use material that you already have to decorate the barn. You would be surprised of how they might end up after some lights thrown in here and there. We put up a parachute inside the barn and it looked marvellous, creating a true wondrous Christmas feel 

  • Christmas parties are special. This year was no exception. The tables were packed with roasted turkey, pork, brussel sprouts, braised cabbage, grilled butternut squash, Caramelised onions, salads, nut loafs, soups, gravy, potatoes, chestnut cake, chocolate mousse, baklava and many name it ! Eventually you end up with a huge amount of food leftovers and we recommend not throwing them away! Keep them for another day, put some of them in your compost or simply feed them to your pet!
  • Source your food locally! Enough said about this point because it’s self explanatory. Right?
  • Have a realistic budget! Sustainability isn’t just about the environment; it can also include the unnecessary costs that you can avoid. Keep the budget to a minimum, ask your colleagues to bring in some dishes, some booze as well! Make it simple, simple is beautiful!
  • Another point covered under the umbrella of sustainability is the social interaction. Don’t be like those companies who denies you A +; rather ask your friend or partner to come in, the more people there are the merrier the party is.


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