Sustainia - The World of the Future?

19 March 2012 by

A quite spectacular virtual world is in the process of being built at the moment. Sustainia are a company located in Copenhagen and is the brain child of Danish think tank Monday Morning.

Based on the idea of a sustainable world of the future, the project aims to open people’s eyes to the possibility of a world in natural harmony.  The idea is based on fact and uses technologies which already exist now.  The vision is of what this world would look like and what it would be like to live in. They have published a guide book and are developing a virtual world (built on the same platform as Second Life no less) to show off their vision for a sustainable future.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger  acting as the chair of the committee it could easily be seen as a bit ‘movie’ like and I’m not sure they made the right choice there (my first thought was a Total Recall type world!). But I read the book and found that the ideas involved are easily imaginable and the flow of the book itself is both easy to read and interesting. There is also support from some big companies including Microsoft and Tetra Pak which make this project a bit more real.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is:

“What would have happened if Mar­tin Luther King Jr. had said: I have a nightmare? Probably not much. But that is what we have been doing. We have travelled the world with our PowerPoint slides about fires, deserts, melting icebergs, and catastrophic floods. We have tried selling our sus­tainable solutions by speaking to peo­ple’s fears or moral obligations. But this has not created the change we need. People are not inspired, moti­vated, or engaged. Just the opposite”

I would suggest that everyone should have a read of this book which you can find online here and I would be interested to hear your thoughts. This is a great vision of the future, if ambitious, and is the first step in many. Even if it only leads to others thinking and dreaming of ideas to improve our environment, it is a great start.


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