Bristol Pound

Bristol Pound

07 February 2012 by

Bristol is to adopt its own currency which will be used by residents to shop and buy products in the local area. The Bristol Pound is designed to be used alongside the national pound sterling and aims to support independent businesses in and around Bristol, retaining and multiplying the benefit of every pound spent for ordinary people and businesses.  

Local residents and artists are being asked to submit designs for the new currency. The currency will also encourage local businesses to trade with each other and have the added environmental knock on effect of potentially reducing the amount of vehicles used to transport goods up and down the country as well as into the centre of Bristol.

The scheme is expected to start in May of this year and to be eligible you will need a Bristol postcode and customers will need to open a Bristol credit union account which will allow them to exchange sterling for the same number of Bristol pounds via bank transfer or salary payments.

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